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Temporary pace leads are used routinely during cardiac surgery, all over the world. Cardiaccs' lead has an integrated sensor for monitoring cardiac function. 


Cardiaccs' combined sensor and pace lead is placed and removed in the same way as standard temporary pace leads. 


Cardiaccs' lead has an embedded accelerometer sensor that measures the velocity of each cardiac contraction. This is a vital parameter for monitoring the cardiac function 




Cardiaccs was founded in 2009 by Prof. Erik Fosse as a result of 8 years of research and development by the Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital in cooperation with Buskerud and Vestfold University College. Since February 2016, the company has been ISO 13485 certified for design and development of medical devices. 


Cardiovascular related diseases are the leading cause of hospitalization and death worldwide, and there is an increase of patients with complex cases where open heart surgeries are required. Cardiaccs wants to cover the urgent  unmet need for better cardiac monitoring to reduce morbidity and mortality in this patient group.


Cardiaccs provides technology for measuring myocardial contractility, a vital parameter for monitoring of the cardiac function. With a continuous and accurate monitoring of the cardiac function, intra- and post-operative complications can be avoided, before a patient becomes critical.



Lucile Souzy - Quality Manager


Lucile holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering and has several years of experience from medical device design, quality and regulatory compliance

MSc Jonas Tyssø - COO


Jonas holds a masters degree in engineering cybernetics from NTNU and has several years of engineering and R&D experience, both within tech startup and multinational IT. Jonas is heading the Cardisense project.

MSc Magnus Krogh - CTO


Magnus Krogh holds a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering and is PhD student at Oslo University where he has worked for several years on methods for monitoring the heart motion. Magnus develops software for the Cardisense technology


MD, PhD Erik Fosse - Founder and Chairman


Erik has a lifelong experience as a cardiothoracic surgeon and is head of department at the Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital. He has 10 patent applications and has participated in establishing multiple medical companies. 

Carl Christian Gilhuus-Moe, PhD, Member of the Board

Dr. Gilhuus-Moe has broad experience from various boards within the medical industry and as chairman of the Board of Oslo Medtech and Sonitor AS. He was the founding President and CEO of Dynal Biotech AS (part of Thermo Fisher Inc.). Dr. Gilhuus-Moe was a member of the executive group, Vice President and head of Hafslund-Nycomed ASA's diagnostic division (part of Abbott Labs).

Ulf Ower, Member of the Board



Ulf is an accountant and has 20 years of experience as economical advisor and business developer. He is CEO/CFO of 5 companies and owner of Finanstorget AS, an authorized accounting company.



Cardiaccs has been ISO 13485 certified for design and development of medical devices since 2016. Quality has been at the center of everything we do, right from the beginning



Cardiaccs has been ISO 13485 certified for design and development of medical devices since 2016 and our successful renewal means that we are certified for a further three years.


As we approach commercialisation we can expect that surveillance by our Notified Body will become more rigourous and frequent requireing us to investment significant time and effort into maintaining our ISO 13485 certification and deliver products of the highest quality.

May 16th 2019: Cardiaccs renews ISO 13485 certificate

Watch as Cardiaccs CEO, Shane West, presents our history and aspirations to the distinguished audience at UiO Life Science conference.

February 11th 2019: Cardiaccs presents progress at UiO Oslo Life Science conference

Aleap member, Cardiaccs, received the happy news they are the recipients of €3M in EU funding through the Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation program. The funds will be used to complete clinical trials and continue product development for Cardiaccs’ sensor for continuous measurement of cardiac function. Read article in DN (Norwegian)

August 2018: Cardiaccs granted €3M in H2020 FTI funding

Cardiaccs has conducted qualitative interviews with 20 cardiac surgeons in US and Germany. 70% of the surgeons spontaneously reacted positively when shown concept, all indicated that it would be advantageous in their current role. This confirms that we're heading in the right direction! Read full article

May 2018: Surgeons give Cardisense thumbs up

The first health incubator in Norway, Aleap, officially opened on October 12th. As a member of the incubator, Cardiaccs got the opportunity to present the Cardisense technology to the His Royal Highness Crownprince Haakon, the Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie, and the Governing Mayor of Oslo, Raymond Johansen. Read more

October 2016: Aleap health incubator opened

The €3M project supported by the EU H2020 funding initiative officially kicked off on Feb 28th at the Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital.

Cardiaccs, as the coordinator, was joined by project partners Aarhus University Hospital, Oslo Univerity Hospital, Osypka AG and German Heart Centre Berlin.

The program will accelerate development of our sensor system for intra and post operative monitoring of cardiac contractility. Follow the program on the SAMBAfun website and


February 28th 2019: Cardiaccs kicks off SAMBAfun EU research program

Come learn more about Cardiaccs as we pitch at the Oslo Life Science Conference on Feb 11th, and then at the Tekna Helseteknologikonferansen on Mar 19th. We are honoured and excited to have the opportunity to share our technology and progress with the healthcare community.

January 2019: Cardiaccs invited to pitch at two key healthcare innovation conferences

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Shane West as Chief Executive Officer effective May 1st. Shane succeeds Prof. Erik Fosse who has been CEO since founding the company in 2009. Erik will continue to play a very active role in the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Read full press release here

June 2018: Cardiaccs appoints Shane West as CEO

We are very proud to have been selected to the Final of the DNB Healthcare Prize 2017. The Final of the DNB Healthcare Prize 2017 will take place at the DNB Nordic Healthcare Conference 2017 and Cardiaccs is one of six companies which will get the opportunity to win the first prize of 1 million NOK. Date: 14 December. Venue: DNB in Bjørvika, Dronning Eufemiasgate 30, 0191 Oslo

October 2017: Selected for DNB healtchare prize final

Cardisense has been approved for funding through the Eurostars programme. We are honoured and proud to have been ranked as number 20 out of 269 eligible applications from all over Europe

June 2016: Cardiaccs granted Eurostars funding